Immune support with Oregano oil

Today’s topic for immunity is Oregano oil and what advice to follow when there is so much ‘out there’?
First of all, about the oregano oil, it’s very good for immune boosting, fighting inflammation. I’m using it for when having eaten gluten and when my sinuses are irritated.

This question came up yesterday in another thread: “When using Oregano I have heard that it should not be used more than 10-14 days in a row. When you have used it, how long brake do you need before using it again?
How many drops a day for oregano would you advise?”

– General advise from Doterra (where I buy the Therapeutic Greade esential oils I use )
– use 1- 4 drops in a capsule 4 times a day for 10 days. Fill the capsule up with a carrier oil like sunflower oil or olive oil.
To be on the safe side, take with meals and drink some plant -based milk with it.

My common sense would say 10 days in a row- then take a break. I used 2 drops in the capsule. Saying that- if what doctor Hill sais resonates deeply with you, try it. If you’re doing it the first time, start with 1 drop. I’m also very much for trusting intuition, the body’s reaction. listening within, science has made us so scared for doing anything “not- based -on -facts” well…who’s facts?

What works for me: being cautious, use your awareness, how does my body you respond? Listen.

Everybody has their inner wisdom i truly rely on that since docters told me 15 years my liver could’t be healed. I went on natural remedies, yoga, deep tissue healing,. raw food and ayurveda and 10 years later a sencond doctor told me – “oh well, you’re not sick, i think you are very healthy!” What a miracle 🙂

please share your experience with Oregano oil if you like!

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