Immune Boost Recipe

Today I’m sharing a superfood recipe that is called: the Immunity Blue Recipe.

It’s a recipe from David Wolfe’s ‘Superfood Immunity’ course. Written by David Wolfe.

1st. Ingredient. The blue pigment from spirulina is the base of blue-green algae. Phycocyanin is like the original pigments that were on earth before chlorophyll took over.
It’s effective at working against every single type of condition, It’s immunological. It’s a stem cell producer. It helps with the migration of stem cells out of the bone marrow into your blood.

** 2end ingredient is Reishi, it enhances the immunological response in a profound way. This is where we’re going in the future with our understanding about nutrition. It’s where immunological nutrition research is leading us.

*** 3d ingredient is bee pollen, perhaps the most nutritious food in the world. These ingrendients mixed in cocnut water preload your immune system. They give your body all the tools it needs to construct the cells. Then the stem cells come out and the reishi or astragalus come along and allows those stem cells to be cut up into immunological weapons. That’s the theory behind all of this.

**** 4th ingredient: a little bit of lemon juice or lime juice- or you can use a drop of lime / lemon oil. and lemon zest for the bitter, to balance the elements.

***** 5th Ingredient: Marine phytoplankton.
A great source of trace minerals, when you put all that together, you’ve got a really important nervous system-building food. I’m one of those moms that use this product because I want a safe Omgea 3-6 source , instead of fish for my son. After all, where does the fish get all of its nervous system-building components? From algae. A clean, whole source of immune system and nervous system-building nutrients. Also, there is a very strong connection between marine phytoplankton and joint health.

Finaly: Honey. The insulin in honey will open up the receptor sites to feed the cells. Along with the honey, we’ll deliver all these incredible nutrients that are in these superfoods and superherbs.

1 tsp Spirulina
1 tsp Resihi extract
1 tbl Bee pollen
3 tbl lemon / lime juice or 1 drop of lemon oil
1 droplet of Marine Phytoplankton
1 tsp honey

Mix in the blender with about 5dl water. When serving, add the 6th (secret ingredient) which is strawberries or any fruit of choice – that i add sometimes to make it more interesting for my son. Who likes green smoothies even better with his favourite fruit on top.

Ingredients used separately are as well an amazing addition to your personal Plant Medicine cabinet

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